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Rainy days? Kids bored? Not a problem anymore! Star Leisure have the answer to your problems with a large selection of fun filled kids games, prize cranes and rides to keep them happy for hours on end, you can also sit and relax with a coffee as they drive, fly or explore with their imagination on endless fun filled adventures!

A world of entertainment all under one roof.  Activities include: Simulator & Games, Kiddies rides etc. We go to great lengths every year to make sure we have the latest attractions and technology. All our video games are priced at €1 per play…the best value anywhere. Large selection of kiddie rides for the younger child, all only €1 per go. 

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Star Leisure prides itself on its incredible and diverse array of prizes and soft toys for all ages when you win on the fun cranes, or choose a prize from the well stocked prize shop. So you have always wanted to fly that plane? Score the winning world cup goal? Drive a tank? You can do this and much more with our incredible selection of Arcade and simulator games here at Star Leisure Bray. No matter what your taste is we have something for everyone to enjoy in a fun supervised exciting atmosphere.

Admission Price: Free

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